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Parenting DVDs

Below is a sample list. To find more, visit a local County Library or contact us.

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The 5 Essentials of Successful Parenting

The five essentials of good parenting will help young children grow into happy, well-adjusted kids—from early bonding to stimulating challenges to safe environments, and much more.

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7 Steps to Reduce the Risk of SIDS

Based on the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, this DVD shows parents how to lower the risk of SIDS by taking seven simple safety precautions.

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Age Appropriate Play: The First Four Years (in English & Spanish)

Teach parents that play is essential for healthy child development. This comprehensive program demonstrates fun, age-appropriate activities that stimulate gross and fine motor skills, language skills, socialization, and problem solving.

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Better Breastfeeding: Your Guide to a Healthy Start (in English & Spanish)

Through step-by-step instructions and lifelike 3D animation, The video teaches moms how to achieve an asymmetrical latch, which holds and positions are best, how to maintain healthy milk production, and more.

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Car Seats: How to Protect Your Child From Birth to Ten (in English & Spanish)

Car seats save lives, but only when they are used correctly. This program highlights safety recommendations and shows how to install a wide range of car seats.

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Diabetes Gestacional (in English & Spanish)

In collaboration with the American Association of Diabetes Educators, this program teaches pregnant women with gestational diabetes how to keep their blood glucose in a safe and healthy range.

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First Year Milestones: A Monthly Guide to Your Baby's Growth (in English & Spanish)

Following eight babies over the course of a year, this DVD set uses monthly modules and milestones to show new parents what to expect from their baby and how to nurture physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

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Healthy Birth Your Way: Six Steps to a Safer Birth

This DVD presents six simple steps that will help you have a safer and healthier birth before and during labor. These Lamaze practices are grounded in extensive research and supported by the World Health Organization.

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Multiples: More of Everything

Prepare parents for the special challenges of having twins or triplets with an in-depth look into the lives of other families of multiples.This thorough program covers a wide range of topics—from pregnancy challenges and birth to surviving the first year of life with twins or triplets.

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Sibling Silly

Prepare young children (ages 2-6) for their family's new arrival by teaching them positive skills through the silly antics of Professor Higabigaby

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Understanding Pregnancy

Teach expectant parents how to keep themselves and their babies healthy as they take the remarkable journey through pregnancy.

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Understanding Prenatal Nutrition

Present expectant mothers the dietary information they need for a healthy pregnancy.