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Teen Summer Reading Program: Paws to Read

From werewolves to human-animal hybrids, these aren’t your typical warm fuzzy animal stories. This summer, take a break and read a book from our Paws to Read Teen Fiction booklist!

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Inhuman by Kat Falls

Beyond the Titan wall lies the Feral Zone, and the only people who break quarantine and venture there are the "fetches", who are paid exorbitant sums to bring back items that were left behind when the wall went up--but Delaney McEvoy's father is there and she is being forced to find him and bring him back.

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Virals  by Kathy Reichs

Tory Brennan is the leader of a band of teenage 'sci-philes' who live on an island off the coast of South Carolina. When the group rescues a dog caged for medical testing, they are exposed to an experimental strain of canine parvovirus that changes their lives forever.

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Storm by Donna Jo Napoli

Having lost her family in a massive flood, sixteen-year-old Sebah finds her way onto a gigantic ark, where she must conceal herself from Noah and his family until it is safe for her and another stowaway to slip away.

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Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman

A number of stories featuring unnatural creatures along with several other creatures who are either unlikely, impossible, or do not exist at all.

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The Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent

In an alternate London where magical creatures are preserved in a museum, two teens find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, deception, and danger.

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The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

Sixteen-year-old Maya suspects there may be a relationship between her paw-print birthmark, her connection with wild animals, and strange events occurring in her tiny Vancouver Island community, where a medical research facility harbors big secrets.

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Into that Forest by Louis Nowra

Two girls survive a terrible flood in the Tasmanian bush and are rescued by a pair of Tasmanian tigers who raise them in the wild. When they are discovered and returned to civilization, neither can adapt to being fully human after their extraordinary experience.

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Endangered  by Eliot Schrefer

Sophie is not happy to be back in the Congo for the summer, but when she rescues an abused baby bonobo she becomes more involved in her mother's sanctuary--and when fighting breaks out and the sanctuary is attacked, it is up to Sophie to rescue the apes and somehow survive in the jungle.

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Cat Girl's Day Off by Kimberly Pauley

High schooler Natalie Ng has always kept secret her talent for talking with cats, but when she learns-- from a cat-- that a celebrity has been replace by an imposter, she and her friends investigate, becoming movie extras to get the scoop.

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The Princess and the Snowbird  by Mette Ivie Harrison

A princess whose magic allows her to take animal form falls in love with a boy who has no magic at all, and together they join forces, trying to defeat an enemy who is out to eliminate all magic everywhere.

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Dust City by Robert Paul Weston

Henry Whelp, son of the Big Bad Wolf, investigates what happened to the fairies that used to protect humans and animalia, and what role the corporation that manufactures synthetic fairy dust played in his father's crime.

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Last Chance by Norah McClintock

Robyn's scared of dogs -- like, really scared. But she agrees to spend her summer working at an animal shelter anyway. (It's a long story.) Robyn soon discovers that many juvenile offenders also volunteer at the shelter -- including Nick Di'Angelo, a boy from Robyn's past. Nick has a talent for getting into trouble, but after his latest arrest, Robyn suspects that he just might be innocent. And she sets out to prove it.

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The Edge of Water by Elizabeth George

Fifteen-year-old Jenn McDaniel's life on Whidbey Island becomes more complicated and her relationships with old and new friends take strange turns, partly due to the arrival of a woman researching a strange black seal.

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Hunting the Dragon by Peter L. Dixon

An eighteen-year-old surf bum joins forces with a dolphin activist and his young assistant as they try to find and sink a ship whose pirate crew is killing dolphins along with the tuna they catch and sell.